Our Auctioneers

Our Auctioneer team at Auction Services. View below in detail by clicking the selected image. Each profile page has the auctioneers contact details, property profile video, auction profile and real estate experience and knowledge. Client testimonials can also be found from our satisfied agents and vendors for each auctioneer by clicking here. 

Auctioneer: Rocky Bartolotto

Auctioneer: Rob Trovato

Auctioneer: Charlie Daher


















We also offer our Property Auction Services to the general public for any real estate related advice which is a key benefit of our recent growth and close affiliation with other industry experts. One of biggest services offered is negotiating and/or assisting clients at their next purchase at auction with bidding. What better than having the expertise and industry knowledge of a team of highly skilled auctioneers all with extensive real estate backgrounds working for you to secure your next property. On top of this a range of other support services are offered, from the selling/marketing of your property, assistance and arrangements with your property move, assist in de clutter for a sale of the property and pre move and the presentation and removal of rubbish as well as the set up of your new home. 

For additional information or for any questions, please contact any auctioneer from our team at Auction Services to discuss your needs and requirements over the phone or in person. We welcome your enquiry and look forward to working with you in the future. 

Rob Trovato:           0412 232 371
Rocky Bartolotto:    0411 580 126 
Michael Poulos:       0490 066 073
Charlie Daher:         0411 307 069