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October, 2015
October 26:         Auction market continues to weaken
October 25:         FOMO frenzy over
October 24:         Good news for Sydney home buyers
October 19:         What makes a great auctioneer?
October 19:         Daylight savings provides mid week auction opportunity
October 18:         Selling before auction takes off across Sydney
September, 2015
September 19:   Auction market on the boil
September 14:   Home owners band together to sell properties
September 10:   Emotional bidding war triggers premium price
September 7:     Spring selling season kicks off with 1000 auctions
September 5:     Home prices in west keep rising
September 5:     Western Sydney home sellers in prime position for Spring
September 4:     Mid week auction achieves $855,000 above reserve
September 3:     Horsley Park original home sells $855,000 over reserve
September 3:     North Shore market surges in listing numbers ahead of Spring
August, 2015

August 24:         Homes sell up to $700,000 over reserve in Sydney
August 22:         $700k over reserve as last two homes standing score big
August 22:         2 Gladesville homes sell together for $3.2million
August 22:         Property buyers should make the most of more listings
August 19:         Get amongst and bid strongly this Spring
August 17:         Sydney house prices grow as boom continues
August 17:         Heat in the auction market remains strong
August 10:         Clearance rates down with buyers saying no to high reserves
August 3:           Sydney property resilience silences the doubters
August 2:           Unrenovated Sydney properties are hot at auctions
August 1:           Skyrocketing property prices force Sydney investor exodus
July 2015:

July 27:             Granville home smashes reserve by $1.53 million
July 25:             Developer pays $1.5 million over reserve in Granville
July 18:             Investors leave Sydney, opening doors for young buyers
July 15:             Leading auctioneers report strong growth
July 13:             Buyer demand remains high during traditionally slow period
July 13:             Shortage of homes during Winter drives spike in prices
July 6:               Auction clearance rate 84.5%
June 2015:

June 29:            Will property prices really come down?
June 28:            Second Surry Hills skinny terrace auction
June 22:            Weekend auctions continue to smash reserve
June 20:            No kitchen sink home sells well over reserve
June 14:            Winter has bought hot auction fever across Sydney
June 13:            Sydney’s auction success slip to 83.3%
June 1:              Battle of the Gaza sees sale $585,000 over reserve 
June 1:              Modest home sells for $585,000 over reserve
May 2015:
May 30:             Incomplete Granville home sells $211,000 over reserve
May 25:             Autumn the new season to sell a house
May 23:             Sydney auction success rate in decline as winter approaches
May 21:             Is Sydney moving away from Saturday auctions
May 19:             More than 75% of properties taken to auction have new owners
May 18:             Welcome relief could be in store for home buyers
May 16:             Auction action around Sydney
May 16:             Auction Coverage by SBS
May 12:             Rocky Bartolotto & Rob Trovato Finalists 2015 Auctioneer of the Year
May 11:             Auctions rake in big dollars
May 11:             Buyers battle Xmas conditions in May

May 9:               Badgery’s Creek bonanza as Sydney auctions hover 89%
May 9:               Sydney auctions post interest rate drop
May 7:               Rental auction could win more managements
May 4:               Buyers get trigger happy
May 4:               Auction clearance rates are powering ahead
May 2:               Prices continue to smash reserves in Sydney
April 2015:
April 21:             Sydney records highest auction clearance rate 
April 18:             Stellar 88% auction clearance rate for Sydney
April 13:             Buyers spend big on houses they plan to bulldoze
April 11:             Plain house in Merrylands sells $162,000 over reserve
April 10:             Slim pickings for auctions on Anzac Day
April 3:               Easter weekend has put a break on the auction market
March 2015:

March 28:          Sydney soars to 87.5% auction clearance rate
March 28:          Hammers to fly on Sydney’s biggest auction day ever
March 25:          Online auctions have arrived but not everyone’s sold
March 23:          Run down Sydney homes sell for thousands over reserve
March 21:          Sydney auction frenzy continues as reserves are smashed
March 16:          Rob Trovato speaks to News Talk 2GB
March 16:          Bumper week of Sydney auctions
March 16:          Sydney still attractive for property in 2015
March 16:          Clearance rates hit six year high
March 14:          Sydney buyers keep auctions above 80% for sixth week
March 14:          Cottage fetches $1.1 million over reserve price
March 9:            Low supply, furious demand drives bidding war
March 3:            Auction frenzy sweeps up everything in its path
March 2:            Strong auction results maintain high clearance rates
February 2015:
February 23:      Auction clearance rate jumps to highest level
February 16:      Big results at weekend home auctions
February 13:      Home owners beat out investors
February 9:        Seller activity slumbers away after historic rate cut
February 8:        Marrickville home mocks it’s reserve
February 7:        Sydney’s weekend auction clearance rate soars
February 7:        Bidding war in Sydney’s inner west
February 3:        First big super Saturday
February 2:        Property prices climb higher despite drop in activity
January 2015:
January 31:       Selling season gets underway
January 26:       The auction market starts to warm up for 2015
January 20:       2015 auction market could pack a punch
December 2014:
December 20:    Hammering home a point
December 18:    Property portal predicts less pizzazz in 2015
December 17:    Merrylands West record price at auction
December 15:    Auction market ends year on a high
December 14:    Earlwood auction sells $235,000 over reserve
December 9:      Tidal wave of listings drives down auction market
December 8:      Clearance rates were a mixed bag last weekend
December 8:      Weakest weekend of results for auctions in 18 months
December 8:      Sydney house price growth moderates as auction season intensifies
December 7:      Fair earning power in Fairfield home 
December 4:      Soaring November auction volumes favouring buyers
December 2:      Tactics to help you win on auction day
December 1:      Volumes at historical highs as demand eases
December 1:      The rush is on as homebuyers look to buy before Christmas
November 2014
November 30:    Empty Redfern renovator delight sells
November 29:    Sydney house prices forecast to plateau
November 26:    Only 4 weeks until Christmas, is this enough time to sell your home?
November 24:    Auctions are in favour as more big auction results continue
November 24:    Staggering auction results continue to stream in
November 23:    Dual income proves a valuable drawcard
November 17:    Reserve prices continue to be smashed
November 17:    Pre-auction sales being notched up ahead of a strong December outlook
November 17:    Increase in listings does little to dampen Sydney house prices
November 10:    Predictions of high auction numbers to come
November 10:    Sydney becomes nation’s biggest auction market
November 10:    Buying a house for Christmas
November 8:      Granville home sells $1,208,000 above reserve price
November 8:      Discounts still possible in the price bonanza
November 4:      Auction Services | October Property Wrap
October 2014
October 31:       Rich pickings discovered above reserve
October 28:       Four reasons property prices are rising higher and higher
October 27:       Sydney home sales attract overwhelming response
October 27:       Thousands of properties sold at auction on weekend
October 21:       Boom market a hit and myth
October 13:       Weekend auction results favoured many
October 11:       Listings drought turns Western Sydney into auction frenzy
October 10:       Newbies prone to underquoting
October 6:         Long weekend & NRL Final put the brakes on Sydney auction market
October 2:         Auction Services | September Property Wrap

September 2014
September 29:   Weekend sales confirm auction is the best way to sell
September 29:   Auction clearance rates remain strong
September 27:   Western Sydney a hot spot for Super Saturday
September 22:   Homes continue to sell above expectations at auctions
September 20:   Uninhabitable crumbling 1850s Balmain East cottage secures $2.68 million
September 15:   Auction sales going gangbusters
September 3:     Auction Services | August Property Wrap
September 2:     Sydney auction market due for another record breaking spring
August 2014
August 30:        Springing into auction season
August 27:        Spring selling season a myth
August 25:        Three boom weekends in a row for Sydney
August 25:        Sydney homes sales return to the extreme
August 19:        Spring fever hits early
August 18:        Bidder pays $460,000 over reserve
August 18:        Sydney buyers bid hard amid home listings slump
August 11:        A strong weekend of auction activity in Sydney
August 10:        80% clearance rate for Sydney property
August 9:          Beat the spring rush, agents urge
August 4:          High bidding dominates auction activity
August 2:          Property Auction Services report strong auction sales
August 2:          Winter sales boom create housing shortage in Sydney
August 1:          Auction Services | July Property Wrap
July 2014
July 28:             Occasional unrealistic vendor expectations hover around Sydney auctions
July 28:             Auction clearance rates remain strong, Sydney leading the way
July 26:             Berela auction sells $130,000 over reserve
July 14:             Strong buyer activity breaks tradition of winter slowdown
July 7:               Buyers prowling Inner West & West regions
July 7:               Sydney investors dominate as clearance rate drops
July 7:               Buyers eager to bid as auction volumes lower
July 7:               National clearance rates up despite low auction numbers
July 2:               June Property Wrap
July 2:               Sydney property: home prices jump back up in June
July 1:               Listings remain strong in Winter auction market
June 2014
June 30:            Sydney & Melbourne continue to defy historical house patterns
June 24:            Despite an easing June, Sydney auctions reach record levels
June 23:            Sydney and Melbourne experience positive movements after winter slowdown
June 18:            Rocky Bartolotto with Real Estate Business discussing online advertising
June 16:            Sydney & Perth return to positive growth
June 16:            An overview of AREC 2014 by Rocky Bartolotto
June 6:              Sutherland leading office Highland Property Agents joins property portal
June 5:              How much will a property sell for at auction?
May 2014

May 29:             Homely adds another before AREC
May 26:             Auction numbers up, values down as property markets find balance
May 19:             Sydney resilient as national values drop
May 15:             Rocky Bartolotto featured on Under the Hammer | May, Series 2, Episode 4
May 15:             Rocky Bartolotto named a finalists Real Estate Business Awards Auctioneer of the Year
May 12:             House values fall across capital cities
May 8:               Rapid growth continues with addition of Laing+Simmons
May 6:               Reno’s delight
May 5:               Winter auction action heats up
May 5:
               Sydney leads way as property fires up after holiday break

May 1:               Homely launches “New” online tool

April 2014
April 28:             Home values ease in a slower weekend of auctions
April 21:             Sydney clearances remain high as markets cool off for Easter
April 16:             Auctioneer Rocky Bartolotto sells 10 properties on pre-Easter weekend
April 15:             Capitals post solid auction clearance rate on Easter Saturday
April 15:             Auction action fast & furious, top gun kept busy with 10 auctions in one day
April 15:             Vendors keen to sell
April 15:             Rocky has a lot going, going, on
April 14:             Inner West delivers 84% on Super Saturday auctions
April 14:             Clearance rates hold firm as record properties sell at auction
April 14:             Big weekend of property sales nationally
April 13:             Champagne popped as sellers celebrate Sydney auction results
April 12:             Speed bumps ahead: Home prices hit reality
April 11:             Hammer falls on record
April 7:               Sydney home values up and dominating the national property market
April 2:               Rocking the suburbs with Homely
March 2014
March 31:          Solid weekend auction clearance
March 25:          Bids strong for Inner West unit
March 24:          Strong auction results continue
March 24:          Major networks throw support behind property portal
March 17:          Auction markets surge again
March 17:          Sydney still on top as capitals get property growth boost
March 11:          Unprecedented start to the auction year
March 3:            Inner West records 84% clearance rate
March 1:            First home buyers pay well over reserve
February 2014
February 28:       Homely street suburb and agent ratings connect with agent
February 25:       New real estate portal appoints senior sales executive
February 24:       Clearance rates records tumble across Australia as buyers rush to auction
February 22:       Sydney host more auctions for a February weekend
February 17:       Beachside properties get big money
February 17:       Neither rain, nor harry, could dent weekend market
February 15:       Sold on short campaigns
February 10:       Sydney’s record auction clearance rates
September – December 2013
December 16:    Record 1016 auctions, Sydney this weekend
December 10:    Vendors demanding skilled auctioneers
December 6:      NSW industry experts have their say
December 2:      Buyers and sellers meet in the middle
November 30:    Super Saturday 80% clearance
November 29:    Lions greet entrance of property
November 25:    Sydney’s record November month
November 16:    Sydney auction listing climb to 1000 mark
November 10:    Biggest auction day on record as buying frenzy set new property highs
November 9:      Inner West steals the show on Sydney’s record day
November 9:      Sydney auction hit record highs from $280,000 to $6.8M
October 26:       Super Saturday auction listings shrink, but results had zest
October 14:       Seller’s market to roll on through spring into summer
October 3:         Strength of vendor mindset and auction bounce to be tested
September 16:   11 tips to avoid becoming spring auction pushover buyers
September 10:   Buy well and beat the property boom