About us

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Our Story
In 2003, Rob Trovato & Rocky Bartolotto came together with a singular vision – to create a new kind of auction experience that would achieve great results for their clients time and again. They called that vision Property Auction Services.
Our approach to auctioneering is unique. The team instinctively knows the process of buying and selling property inside out. Their extensive real estate sales expertise, insider knowledge of the Sydney property market and complete understanding of the fundamental role that auctioneers play on auction day has led to consistently outstanding results for their many clients for over a decade.

Our Auction Values
At Auction Services, we go above and beyond to ensure your auction day is a success. We understand not all auctions are created equal and what might work in one region of Sydney may fall flat in another.
We carefully consider the unique challenges each auction presents and take into account feedback from a wide range of sources, such as regional trends and buyer feedback throughout the marketing campaign.  Then we tailor our services to suit each auction’s individual needs and maximise outcomes on auction day, working closely with agents and home owners throughout to ensure everyone is fully informed.

Outstanding Outcomes
Exceptional auction results come from hard work and clever research. But it’s also important to have an auctioneer with that X-factor. We believe auctions that engage buyers in a positive, dynamic experience create more successful results. We work hard to create a powerful sales presence focused on motivating potential buyers to bid strongly.
Ultimately, the proof in our ability lies with our clients success. We’re proud of the legions of home owners, buyers and local residents who take the time to congratulate us and comment on our professionalism at the end of each auction. But we like to think such praise doesn’t only reflect on our organisation – it demonstrates the excellence of the offices and agents we work with every day.  Our continued growth is no better testament to their satisfaction. 

We deliver
Our guarantee is straightforward – we promise to deliver a highly engaging and most professional auction experience. When you appoint Auction Services to direct your auction day proceedings, you’re ensuring an exciting yet relaxed atmosphere for your buyers that is guaranteed to inspire them into positive action. We understand the Sydney property market inside out and we harness our considerable sales expertise to create a buzz around your auction so you get the best result possible.

What makes us different
We’re proud of our reputation for providing a highly energised, individualised and client-oriented professional auction service:

  • We liaise closely with agents throughout the auction campaign – listening to feedback coming in each week and offering advice to assist the property succeeding at auction. 
  •  We can offer marketing advice on where to best market the property – which you can then relay to your vendor. Be it print, online or mobile marketing, we can assist in ensuring the property is marketed correctly. This only adds to the success of selling at auction.
  • We make time before the auction to really get to know our vendor and the property – allowing us to fully comprehend the unique elements of each sale. This includes prior inspection of the property (if requested)
  • We’ll spend more time answering questions and ensuring your vendors feel completely at ease with the auction process and limiting any anxiety on the day.
  • We do our research. We speak to agents across Sydney daily to keep our property market knowledge up-to-the-minute.
  • We update our training and development regularly so we are always up to speed on the latest legal requirements, legislation and real estate industry changes. This helps ensure every auction is a success. 
  • We offer auction process training sessions for salespeople and offices to ensure you are working at your best to achieve outstanding results. We offer coaching and mentoring to some of Sydney’s finest agents and also offer CPD training. Please review our training page for details.
  • All our auctioneers are business owners – and that means they have a vested interest in your satisfaction.  They’ll work harder to deliver on your requests and ensure you’re delighted with your auction experience.
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