Auction Services Client Testimonials

Rocky, I want to say thank you so much for the successful auction of my family home. I’ve always been an avid watcher of Auctioneers, the process is simply fascinating. The result can so easily be determined by finding the right Auctioneer. I was so impressed with your approach on auction day, it was boiling hot and we were the seventh property you had worked on that day and yet you arrived fresh, enthusiastic and controlled. You presented the house and area in a factual informed manner and then set about relaxing the crowd in an entertaining way whilst trying to draw out that elusive first bid, it didn’t take long!!!  Once you obtained that first bid, you worked the very large crowd that were gathered. You controlled the bidding at your pace yet with firmness. The price moved up quickly and even as it reached the reserve price of $850,000 you didn’t flinch, you knew to let it go and it was not till you had to, did you inform the crowd that the house was on the market, again you knew exactly when to do this to kick start the auction again it seemed. You carefully watched the interaction between the 3 bidders with each other and body language to determine the best approach, when the bidding reached $900,000 I was sure you would wind it up and call out sold…..BUT NO, you knew to keep your eye on the bidders and firmly let them know that one more bid could mean them owning the property. You encouraged them to keep the competition going, pushing them I believe well over what they had originally set out to spend. You called out SOLD AT $952,000 – That’s $102,000 over our expectations. You’re a very skilled Auctioneer and I can honestly say I would seek you out to sell my next property.  I truly believe that you made a huge difference motivating the buyers on the day. Lisa Whittaker | Vendor 43 Chatham Road, West Ryde

We recently auctioned our property through Belle Property Annandale, who recommended Rocky Bartolotto as Auctioneer, from Auction Services. It was a difficult auction for any Auctioneer – despite 5 registered bidders no one was prepared to start the bidding and even after our vendor bid to start things off, the bids were extremely slow coming. Rocky however persisted valiantly (and in hot sun), even when we suspect less tenacious auctioneers would have passed the property in, and eventually coaxed enough bids to pass reserve and finally result in an excellent sale. Impressive work and a nice guy as well. Mark Billson & Pip O’Brien | Vendors Young St, Annandale

Robert Trovato has been employed by a number of our sales people at Raine & Horne Concord to conduct Auctions. He has done many auctions over the years including some high profile auctions where he displayed a professional and confident auction to the public and agents alike. Robert’s ability to adapt to conditions and display strength and confidence during an auction allows peace of mind to myself and to the team knowing that we are ‘in good hands’ and that Robert often achieves the highest possible dollar out of the buyer. Many a time after an auction the response from the crowd that attended the auction was that Robert was very professional and handled the auction extremely well. The team at Auction Services with Rob has grown to a very strong auction business across Sydney. Paul Pettenon | Raine & Horne Concord

If you are looking for an Auctioneer stop looking as you have found the best in Rocky Bartolotto from Auction Services. Our office have used Rocky for many years and he has always done an extraordinary job. Rockys ability to read the crowd and to guide the auction to get the best result definitely puts him above the pack. With this mastery he has played a crucial role in our office clearing 90%+ of our auctions on auction day. Rocky was also instrumental in 2 sales we sold in Waterview St, Putney which each achieved $350,000+ over their set reserve price. It’s to date the hottest topic in the Street. David Aktas | First National West Ryde 

I have known Robert Trovato for over 5 years now and if I was to say that he is my good luck charm, would be an understatement. During that period Robert has conducted over 100 auctions on my behalf and with over a 95% strike rate, that speaks for itself. Rob’s service before, during and after the auction is second to none. Vendor contact to explain the process prior plus inspecting the property is a big plus. If you are after the best results, you have the services of the best auctioneer with one of the business owners of Auction Services. Tony Eltakchi | LJ Hooker Granville

I have been delighted with the additional service Rocky Bartolotto has provided since doing some of auctions. He assisted in attending the reserve price setting with the owner and taking them through step by step prior to auction day on the formalities and likely scenario of how the auction would proceed. He inspects the properties prior to auction day and after the auction he stayed on to assist in negotiating with the highest bidder, which resulted in the sale of this property shortly after an auction. He’s been a great support and his knowledge of the market is second to none. It’s little wonder the business he is the Director of, Auction Services is growing rapidly. Maria Magrin | Belle Property Annandale

I want to thank Rocky Bartolotto, the auctioneer for my property in Forest Lodge recently which was sold by Julie Hatch Belle Property Annandale. It was a very busy drawn out auction with a mixture of bidding styles. Of the two bidders who took the price to a very satisfactory result for me, one was bidding for an overseas client who needed to follow the auction by phone, which meant there were delays. Rocky kept the action flowing, even though the bids came sometimes very slowly but sometimes lightning fast. It takes a polished confident auctioneer to make an auction really take off, and that is what Rocky achieved. He was a pleasure to work with, as was the extra help of his team from Auction Services. Penny Spiers | Vendor, Upper Rd, Forest Lodge

We have been using Auction Services Director Rob Trovato for over 5 years now & as long as he has his gavel, we will continue to enjoy our great longstanding success. I have been selling real estate for over 12 years and in that time we have tried and tested many different auctioneers and although many of them have done the job, the service that we receive from Rob is unmatched. He makes contact with our vendors prior to the auction to introduce himself and address any of their last minute concerns before the big day. Our vendors love him. Jason Gerban | LJ Hooker Granville

Rocky Bartolotto has been our auctioneer for as long as I can remember, we haven’t looked anywhere else because where the type of people that when we find something as good as Rocky we look no further. The way in which he controls the atmosphere in his auctions is excellent and we never have a dull auction when Rocky is involved. In the last 6 months we have had a 100% strike ratio with our auctions and I know that without the guidance and experience of Rocky we could have never been so successful. As a matter of fact all the auctioneers at Auction Services will do a great job on auction day. Daniel Montes | Wiseberry Real Estate 

I have known Robert on a personal and professional level for over 20 years and have used Robert as an Auctioneer for over 6 years. Robert possesses the knowledge and experience to communicate the benefits of our properties to potential buyers and is an enthusiastic and expressive performer and always wows the crowd with his passion for the Auction process and his ability to clearly outline the facts of the properties that he represents and keep the momentum of bidding flowing during the Auction. David Pisano | LJ Hooker Strathfield & Campsie offices

Over the past 3 years I have had Rocky Bartolotto of Auction Services conduct a number of auctions on my behalf. In this time I have found Rocky to be a true professional who works with a solid platform and a clearly defined auction system both on the day and in the lead up to my Auctions. His clinical approach and eye for detail, give both myself and my vendors the confidence that is needed in his ability. I recommend Rocky and the team he has built strongly at Auction Services. John Contos | LJ Hooker Merrylands

Hi Rocky, I encountered you while I was working for an agency a few years ago and considered you one of the best auctioneers the industry has to offer. I now have my own agency and have listed a number of auction properties which I’d like you/your business Auction Services to conduct. I look forward to working with you once again. Janelle Schmoll | One Agency 

I have seen Rocky from Auction Services work with our office for the past 3 years and when recently started listing Auction properties of my own couldn’t wait to bring him on board. He has proven to be a great Auctioneer over the years and offers great service going over and above the requirement level. I have no hesitations in recommending Rocky as he has become my Auctioneer of choice. Keren Dissanayake | LJ Hooker Stanhope Gardens

Rocky has the ability to make buyer and vendor feel comfortable & understand the full detail of the auction process. He has conducted my auctions for the last 24 months & my vendors and I couldn’t be happier! I can proudly go on the record & say it has been truly the best professional relationship we have had & it’s only been 3 years, cannot wait for the many more to come, we’re being rewarded every day from your help which is highly evident in our results, a 100% auction clearance rate since working together, now that’s an incredible achievement and one I’m confident we will maintain. Dib Chidiac | Raine & Horne Concord